Nursery Friends -Walk Along Duo-


Product Description

*The Nursery Friends –Walk Along Duo- set contains two babies who are ready to go to the nursery—the perfect addition to any nursery playset.

*This set contains accessories such as a rucksack, hat and water bottle—everything the babies need for the walk to the nursery.
*The babies are wearing cute, colourful clothes.
*The babies can wear and hold the rucksack, tote bag, water bottle and hat.
*The crayons and sketchbook can be put in the rucksack or tote bag.
*The Chocolate Rabbit baby is Crème and the Persian Cat baby is Ryan.

*Combine with Sunny Castle Nursery, Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus, Nursery Swing, Nursery Sandbox & Pool and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.
*Combine with baby and cradled baby figures (sold separately) for even more fun imaginative playtime!

Box Contents

Chocolate Rabbit Baby, Persian Cat Baby, rucksack, bag, hat, water bottle, sketchbook, crayons, cover

Item Code : CC2170

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