Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus


Product Description

*Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus is a triple-decker nursery bus that seats 28 babies (including cradled babies).
*The bus folds out into a fun play area for the babies.
*The seats turn into a merry-go-round, swing, slide, see-saw, piano and baby carriage.
*Any babies, including the cradled babies, can sit in the merry-go-round and baby carriage.
*The ropes of the swing can be used as seatbelts on the bus.
*Charming design with weather motifs such as suns and moons on the bus and seats.

*Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery and Nursery Sandbox & Pool (sold separately) to make a nursery that looks like a big castle.
*Combine with the Sunny Castle Nursery, Nursery Sandbox & Pool, Nursery Swing, Nursery Friends Sets and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.
*Combine with babies, including cradled babies (sold separately).

Box Contents

Main unit, swing, flower merry-go-round, see-saw/slide, seat x 2, cloud baby carriage

Item Code : CC2167

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The Bus Ride to Nursery
Every day, the babies in the Calico Village looked forward to catching the bus to the nursery. The bus could do many fun things that made the babies laugh. It was like a little parade! All the babies loved the front seats. They could see a wonderful view from those seats. The babies took turns so that everyone could see. That morning, it was Ciel the Flora Rabbit baby's turn. "Off we go!" cried Ciel from her spot above the driver's seat, waving happily.....