Flora Rabbit Twins


Product Description

*A figure set of Flora Rabbit twins with cute droopy ears and a push-cart.
The figures' heads can be moved.
*Both of the Flora Rabbit twins (Sitting or Crawling) can ride the pushcart.
*The push-carts of all the twin sets can be connected together.
*The sitting baby girl's name is Viola, and the crawling baby boy is Runo.

*Combine with the Flora Rabbit Family, Blossom Gardening Set -Flora Rabbit Sister & Brother-, and Sunny Castle Nursery sets (sold separately) for fun with the whole Flora Rabbit family!
*The included pushchair can be attached to other pushcarts. Combine together for even more fun imaginative playtime!

Box Contents

Flora Rabbit twin (Sitting), Flora Rabbit twin (Crawling), Pushcart (Pink Car)

Item Code : CC2160

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The Crayon Seeds
Runo and Viola, the Flora Rabbit twin babies, loved to draw. The things they loved most of all were the crayons their mother and father had given them. They drew and drew with those crayons. Before long, they had drawn with them so much that their favorite ones were too small to draw with anymore! Oh, bother! One day, when Runo and Viola went outside, they saw their big brother Lennon working on some flowerbeds. "I'm planting some seeds," said Lennon. "If I take good care of them, these little seeds will grow into flowers! Would you two like to plant some seeds, too?" "Yes, please!" replied Runo and Viola. They carefully planted some seeds, smiling happily at each other.....