The Crayon Seeds

Runo and Viola, the Flora Rabbit twin babies, loved to draw. The things they loved most of all were the crayons their mother and father had given them.
They drew and drew with those crayons.
Before long, they had drawn with them so much that their favorite ones were too small to draw with anymore! Oh, bother!

One day, when Runo and Viola went outside, they saw their big brother Lennon working on some flowerbeds.

"I'm planting some seeds," said Lennon. "If I take good care of them, these little seeds will grow into flowers! Would you two like to plant some seeds, too?"
"Yes, please!" replied Runo and Viola. They carefully planted some seeds, smiling happily at each other.

Lennon had given the twins a wonderful idea.

The next day, Runo and Viola gathered up the crayons that had become too small, put them in a flowerpot, and started covering them with soil.
"What are you two doing?" asked Lennon.
"We're planting crayon seeds!" replied Runo and Viola.
"Our crayons are too small now, so we're planting them so that they can grow into big crayons!"

"Oh, boy!" thought Lennon as Runo and Viola cheerfully watered their crayons.
Crayons don't grow like flowers, but Runo and Viola were having so much fun that Lennon couldn't bear to disappoint them.
Then Lennon had an idea. He went to the market and bought a new set of crayons. That night, while the twins were asleep, he went out to their flowerpot and put the big crayons in it!

"Runo, Viola, come and look at your flowers!" Lennon called out to them the next morning. "They've grown!"
Runo and Viola rushed over to the flowerpots. Just as Lennon had said, there were big crayons in the pot. The twins were very excited.
"Wow!" they cried. "Mom, Dad, come and look! Our crayons grew!"
"Phew," thought Lennon.

Runo and Viola ran off, coming back with their arms full of toys and sweets, which they started planting too!
"Oh, no!" thought Lennon. "I can't make all of those grow!"
The children's father saw the panic on Lennon's face.
"Those crayons didn't really grow," he explained gently. "Only flowers grow from seeds. Those crayons were a present from Lennon!"
Runo and Viola couldn't be disappointed. How kind Lennon had been!
"Thank you, Lennon!" they said, beaming.
To thank Lennon for his present, Runo and Viola drew lots of pictures of Lennon’s favorite flowers and put them up on the wall.
They had planted crayon seeds and now there were crayon flowers!

The End


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