Reindeer Family


Product Description

*Reindeer family includes Reindeer father and mother with magnificent antlers, baby twins and a baby sleigh.
*The figures' arms, legs and heads can be moved to put them in different poses.
*The baby figures are ready for Christmas in their festive outfits, including a Santa hat with white bobble.
*The fabric clothing can be removed to change their outfits.
*Introducing Reindeer father Jolly, mother Elm, and their children - Luis in red and Eve in green.

*Combine with the Reindeer Twins (sold separately) for fun with all four reindeer figures. The included sleigh can be attached to other pushcarts.

Box Contents

Reindeer father, Reindeer mother, Reindeer baby (Red Outfit), Reindeer baby (Green Outfit), Hat, Sleigh

Item Code : CC2058

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Special Delivery
Jolly the Reindeer father and Elm the Reindeer mother delivered things around the village. They could deliver anything at all. They put the packages in the big trailer behind their bike to keep them from being bumped around. Luis and Eve, their babies, were very proud that their parents had such an important job. "Would you like to come with us and help?" their father said one day. Luis and Eve were very happy indeed. Off they went, Luis and Eve sitting in the trailer. Before long, they arrived at the house of their first customers, the Chocolate Rabbit family. "Could you take this stew to Patrick?" asked Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit father. "Certainly!" said Luis and Eve.....