Product Description

The Baby Amusement Park has a lovely castle and is full of rides! Comes with a Ferris wheel, viking ship, go-karts, and a rocket rides. Includes the Pookie Panda baby (sitting), Milk Rabbit baby (sitting), Persian Cat baby (sitting). This set includes baby figures, so you can play right away! Three baby figures can be placed on the Ferris wheel and go round and round. Two baby figures can be placed in the viking boat, which can be rocked back and forth. One baby figure can sit in the rocket, which can be moved up and down. The castle has a terrace overlooking the amusement park. Behind the castle is a table and chairs, where figures can sit and enjoy chatting. Opening the door to the sweets house leads to the go-kart track. The reverse side of the amusement park is a display board where baby figures can be lined up. Approximately 30 baby figures can be displayed.

Box Contents

This item can be enjoyed even more by combining it with the Royal Carriage Set, Spooky Surprise House, Baby Costume Series, and other baby figures (all sold separately).

Main unit, Base, Castle, Flag (large), Flag (small) x2, Gondola (pink, blue, yellow), Viking ship, Wave, Rocket, Go-kart (rabbit), Go-kart (panda), Shooting star, Pookie Panda baby (sitting), Milk Rabbit baby (sitting), Persian Cat baby (sitting), (a total of 12 pieces)

Item Code : CC1915

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Welcome to Calico Land
One day, the babies all went to Clara Pookie Panda's house and drew pictures together. Clara and Crème Chocolate Rabbit drew pictures of a magical land they hoped to visit one day. "We'll be princesses and live in a castle", said Clara. "And we'll blast off in a rocket", added Crème. "And set off on a ship for a great adventure!" cried Clara.....