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How to Use

About The Templates

All images are in PNG format. As for the photo frame templates, the frame part is transparent. (It means you can see through it clearly.)
You can combine your photo and the frame, and save or print it as one image.

■How to Composite Photos

First, you need to install an editing software.
You can use the software such as smartphone apps, free PC software, Greeting Card Maker software, Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point), and so forth.

  1. Right-click or Long-click over the template design of your choice to save it in your device as any name you like.
  2. Open the saved template in any editing app or software.
  3. Place your photo under the photo frame template!
    ∟Place your photo under the frame. You can see the photo as the photo frame part is transparent.
    ∟Adjust the size and the position of your photo to get the best result.
  4. You can save it and e-mail it or post it on SNS, or print it on a postcard.

★Arrange It Anyway You Like!

If you print the photo frame template without adding any photos under the frame, the part turns out blank (the color of the paper you use).
You can write your message, draw your picture, or put any stamps or stickers you like, on the blank part.
You can arrange it anyway you like!