Baby Mermaid Castle


Product Description

*Set featuring an undersea-themed amusement park, along with three baby figures.
*Includes a beautiful Mermaid Castle, "Aqua-Go-Round" Ride, Jellyfish Swings and plenty more for baby and cradle baby figures to ride in!
*The figures are all wearing special mermaid-themed outfits.
*Use the "Mermaid swim holder" to make it look like the babies are swimming!
*The Dream Ship can be removed and played with on its own.
*Suitable for use as a display piece, with room for over 50 baby figures.
*Introducing Chocolate Rabbit baby Crème, wearing a mermaid dress and star face paint, Persian Cat cradled baby Blake in a merbaby costume, and Fennec Fox cradled baby Kaya.

*Combine the elevator with the Castle Amusement Park (sold separately) to create two theme parks connected by a ropeway!
*Combine with the Castle Amusement Park, Royal Princess Set, or Floating Cloud Rainbow Train Set (all sold separately) for a full theme park play experience!

Box Contents

Main Unit, Base, Balloon, Dream Ship, Aqua-Go-Round, Parasol, Gondola (Pink), Gondola (Purple), Gondola (Blue), Shell Bed, Floating elevator, Dancing Fish, Submarine, Tiara, Starfish, Shell, Seahorse, Seaweed A, Seaweed B, Seaweed C, Coral A, Coral B, Anemone, Fish A, Fish B (Pink), Fish B (Purple), Fish B (Yellow), Turtle (Yellow), Turtle (Orange), Mermaid Swim Holder x3, Chocolate Rabbit baby, Fennec Fox cradled baby (Orange), Persian Cat cradled baby (Grey)

Item Code : CC2073

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The Underwater Princesses
There was something new in Calico Land - a mermaid castle! The babies were very happy to hear about it, and asked their parents to take them to the amusement park so they could play in it. The babies dressed up in sparkly outfits - just the right clothes for a mermaid castle! Crème the Chocolate Rabbit baby wore a rainbow dress that made her look like a mermaid princess. When they arrived, the babies opened the door. There was a big shell next to it. "Wow!" they cried. "It looks just like we're under the sea!"....