Family Picnic Van


Product Description

Three fun style changes:
1. Lower the seat to create a child seat! Up to six baby figures can fit in the back.
2. Remove the back door and seats and change them into a picnic table set! Can be enjoyed with plates, foods, and other included accessories.
3. Flip the rack over to change it into a play mat! Place figures on it to play hopscotch.

Enjoy more style changes by combining it with other items (sold separately). Combine with the Bakery Shop Starter Set to turn the van into a mobile bakery. Or, combine it with the Red Roof Cozy Cottage kitchen to turn the van into a camping car.

Box Contents

Main unit, Rack, Back door/Table, Handle, Basket, Seat/Child seat x2, Cheese x2, Croissant x2, Plate x2, Drink x2, (a total of 15 pieces)

*A van with a rack that up to eight figures can ride in.
*Back door and seats can be changed into a picnic table set!
*Plates and foods included can be stored in the basket.
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
*Suitable for ages three years and above.

Item Code : CC1910

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