Triplets Care Set


Product Description

The Triplets Care Set is a set of furniture for taking care of the cute, little Chocolate Rabbit cradeld baby triplets. The girls are wearing red and mint-green clothes, the boy is wearing yellow. Sit them in their baby chairs to feed them, and put them to sleep in the crib.

Box Contents

*Furniture set for taking care of the cute, Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby triplets.
*Sit the cradled babies in their baby chairs and feed them.
*Enjoy putting the cradled babies to sleep in the crib with their blankets.
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
*Suitable for ages three years and above.

Item Code : CC1906

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The Best Helper
The Chocolate Rabbit family had a new arrival: beautiful baby triplets! The family was very excited to watch them grow, especially their big sister Freya and big brother Coco. “Did you see how much milk the triplets drank today?” said Freya one day. “Yes!” replied Coco. “And did you see them sit up for the first time?” The triplets grew so fast! Freya and Coco were always asking to help take care of the triplets. They loved to cuddle them and feed them.....