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Baby Collectibles Baby Forest Costume Series


Product Description

*A cute, collectible series of baby figures with forest-themed accessories and costumes for hours of fun.
*A total of eight types, including one Secret.
*Open it up and see which one you get!
*Each set includes an accessory or costume for the baby, with a forest theme like bugs or flowers.
*Combine with the Secret Forest Falls (sold separately) for even more fun.

Box Contents

Deer Baby and apple hat, Silk Cat Baby and mushroom hat, Walnut Squirrel Baby and acorn hat, Marshmallow Mouse Cradled Baby and leaf boat, Koala Baby and ladybug wings and headband, Husky Cradled Baby and leaf umbrella, Chocolate Rabbit Cradled Baby and lily of the valley, Secret

Item Code : CC2184

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