Spooky Surprise House


Product Description

The Spooky Surprise House that the Spookie lives in comes with a spooky elevator that can go between the 1st and 2nd floors. Spookie has its own special pedestal. Sit the Spookie on the pedestal and it will sway side to side. The Spookie can also be removed from the pedestal and hidden in the TV, allowing it to play hide and seek with the Midnight Cat baby. Midnight Cat baby can also wear the ghost costume included. Enjoy pretending to be a ghost with this set. Includes a house, figure and furniture, so you can play right away!

Box Contents

This item can be enjoyed even more by combining it with the Baby Amusement Park, Royal Carriage Set, Baby Star Carousel, Baby Costume Series, and each Baby Collection (all sold separately).

Spooky Surprise House, Midnight Cat baby, Spookie, Pedestal, Sofa, TV, Ghost costume, Bat antenna (a total of 8 pieces)

Item Code : CF1917

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