Grand Department Store


Product Description

The Grand Department Store is a gorgeous department store in town with fancy decorations and engravings. The set comes with a two-storey department store building and an entrance tower. You can open and close the main building to enjoy different layouts. The main building has a manual elevator that can carry figures to the upper storey. The windows are detachable and can be replaced with the windows from other Town Series items.

You can create your own townscape by combining this product with other buildings in the Town series, such as the Delicious Restaurant, Designer Studio, and Creamy Gelato Shop. You can also customise your building by replacing the windows, fences, and awnings included with the building.
Combine with various furniture, shops, and figures from the Town Series for even more fun (all sold separately).

Main building, entrance tower, roof of entrance tower, roof-top ornament of entrance tower, fence A x4, fence B, fence C, fence D, fence E, fence F, Fence G, balcony, aisle board x2, ceiling board x2, flag x5, awning x2, window Ax2, window Bx2, window frame x4 (total 34 pieces)

Box Contents

*Brand new Town series of Calico Critters
*Gorgeous department Store building with entrance tower
*Real working manual elevator and revolving door
*Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
*Suitable for ages three years and above

Item Code : CC3010

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You can connect Calico houses together for extra fun! Which house does your house connect to?

Grand Department Store
+ Designer Studio
+Delicious Restaurant
+ Creamy Gelato Shop