Sweets Party Set Sweets Party Set

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*Furniture set featuring colourful table and chairs, with coffee, cakes, and other sweet treats.
*Contains a total of 30 teatime accessories.
*Includes a selection of sweet treats and four different kinds of latte art.
*The cake stand can be used to display the cakes and sweets.
*Combine with other figures, houses, and furniture (sold separately) for even more fun and imaginative playtime!


Table, Chairs x4, 2-tier Cake Stand, Ribbon, Plates x4, Forks x4, Tongs, Caffe Latte (Cat), Caffe Latte (Penguin), Caffe Latte (Clover), Caffe Latte (Tulip), Cups x4, Cupcake (Rabbit), Cupcake (Bear), Eclair (Chocolate), Eclair (Strawberry), Tart (Strawberry), Tart (Blueberry), Cookie (Acorn), Cookie (Clover), Cookie (House), Cookie (Flower), Chocolates x2, Candy (Strawberry), Candy (Peach), Candy (Orange), Candy (Grape)

Référence de l’article : CC2165

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