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Friends of Calico Critters

Have you ever crossed dozens of green mountains and walked deep into the woods? If you go through the thick woods, there you can find the most picturesque village in the world. That is Calico Village. Why don’t you come and enjoy the story of Calico Critters?

Calico Village Map
Calico Village Map

Friends of Calico Critters

Introduce you to friends of the Calico Critters!

ralph family
persian family
piers family
vincent family
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The Story of The Woods

You can enjoy the pictures and stories of all kinds of events that are happening in Calico Village.

Shooting Stars Cottage Museum
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Lots of animation and stories of Calico Critters are waiting for you! Watch them with your family and friends!

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For Parents and Guardians

The five features and roles of Calico Critters toys.

For Parents and Guardians
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