Rain, Sun and Lots of Fun!

"Good morning, sunshine! It's a beautiful day to play!"
The babies arrived for another day at the nursery, and they were looking forward to playing!

"What shall we do today?" they asked.
Ciel, the Flora Rabbit baby, and Ambrose, the Walnut Squirrel baby, ran for the slide first. All the babies loved the slide! Ciel and Ambrose decided they would play on it tomorrow.

Freya, the Chocolate Rabbit girl, played the violin, and Tiffany, the Silk Cat girl, played the cello.

The babies enjoyed the children’s lovely music very much. “The big kids are so clever!”
they said.
From that moment on, they wanted to learn to play music, just like Freya and Tiffany.

Ciel and Ambrose zoomed down the slide happily before taking their place in line to go again.
Just then, big fat raindrops landed on their heads. It had started to rain!

The babies hurried back inside.
"Let's play teacher!" Said Pino, the Latte Cat baby.
"Oooh!" replied the other babies. What a fun idea!
It was Pino's turn first. He took his place at the front of the room.

"All right, everyone, let's draw pictures!" said Pino in his best teacher voice.
"Yes, Mr. Pino!" the children chorused.
For the rest of the morning, Mr. Pino gave his pupils fun things to do. The babies had chosen the perfect game for a rainy day!

After a while, the babies heard their teacher playing the piano. It was song time—one of their favorite things!

"Let's play teacher again tomorrow!" said Ciel.
"Yes!" agreed Pino. "Tomorrow you can be the teacher!"

With that, the babies gathered around the piano.
Their teacher played the piano, and the babies sang along. Even the littlest babies in their cradles squealed happily to the tune of the song.

"Your singing has put the little ones in a good mood!" said their teacher. Ciel and the other babies felt very proud indeed.
"We'll sing for them again tomorrow," the babies promised.
"Thank you!" replied their teacher. "I'll play the piano again, too."
The babies looked out the window and saw that the rain had stopped. There was a rainbow in the sky!

Ciel, Pino, and Linnea, the Husky baby, went upstairs for a better view. They could see the playground too.
"Let's go downstairs and play on the see-saw!" cried Ciel.
"And the swings!" added Pino.
They had so much fun playing that it seemed like no time at all until it was time for them to go home.

"Let's play together again tomorrow!" said Pino.
"Let's sing our ‘See You Again’ song now!"
And so, the babies began to sing their "See You Again" song, thinking about the fun things they would do together the next day.

"See you again, see you again!" sang the babies on their way home.
As the sun went down, the babies wondered what the weather would be like the next day and thought about all the fun they had had that day.

The End


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