A Conversation with the Flowers

The Flora Rabbit family was a gentle family who loved flowers.
Nolan, the Flora Rabbit father, was always looking after his flowers and herbs in the garden."Another beautiful day!" he said to them. "Say, herbs, would you mind if I take some of your leaves? I'd like to make some delicious herbal tea."
Nolan was so good at growing things that it was as if he really could talk to them.

Alice, the Flora Rabbit girl, loved nothing more than reading books about plants.

Alice was usually laid-back, but she could talk a mile a minute about flowers!
One day, she spread out her beloved books in front of the baby triplets, Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary, and started to teach them all about flowers.
"These flowers grow at the top of tall mountains," she said. "You have to plant the seeds in fall..."
Once she started talking about flowers, she just couldn't stop!

Unfortunately, Alice was talking too fast for the little triplets to understand. They started to yawn, and before Alice knew it, they had fallen asleep.
"Was I boring?" thought Alice. She closed her book sadly.

"Not at all," replied her mother, Aria, who had been watching and felt sorry for Alice. "You wanted the babies to love flowers as much as you do, right? I have an idea!"
With that, she smiled. Aria was a nursery schoolteacher and knew how to make things exciting for babies.

"Let's all go for a walk in the flower garden," said Aria when the baby triplets awoke.
When they got there, they could hear Nolan talking to the flowers like he always did.
"Beautiful day today!" he said.
Just then, the flowers replied!
"It's nice to see you," they said.
This was Aria's idea!

That voice was Alice! She was hiding behind the flowers.
But the triplets thought the flowers had really answered!
"Where did all of you come from?" asked Nolan.
"Well, in fall, our seeds got blown here by the wind," the "flowers" replied. "Let's all be friends!"
The triplets whooped with delight.

"It sounds like you three are really enjoying the flowers," said Aria.
"I'll tell you more about them if you like," added Alice excitedly.
The babies smiled in agreement.
The Flora Rabbit family all agreed that this was the best walk they had ever been on.

The End


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