The Boutique of Dreams

A new boutique opened in Calico Village. Freya Chocolate Rabbit looked into the window and gasped at the sight.
“It’s so beautiful!” she said excitedly.
Cecilia Persian Cat, the owner of the Boutique, greeted each customer as they walked in. The shop was filled with beautiful dresses and sparkling jewelry. Freya had never seen so many gorgeous clothes and accessories before!

Just then, Freya saw a beautiful pink earring in the window.
“Wow”, she thought.
“That earring is so pretty!”
She wanted to buy it but felt too shy to walk into such a fancy boutique on her own. Throughout the week, Freya kept going back to the Boutique to look at the earring from the window. One day, Cecilia opened the door and said to Freya
“Would you like to come inside the shop, sweetheart?”

Freya anxiously walked into the Boutique.
“You like this earring, don’t you?”
said Cecilia, taking the earring out of the glass case. Just then, Freya noticed a beautiful necklace in the case too.
“Wow!” she thought.
“That would look perfect on my Mom!”

Freya decided to buy her mother the necklace as a present.
The next Sunday, Freya gave her mother the lovely necklace. Her mother was so happy – and she had a surprise for Freya too!

“I bought you something yesterday”, she said.
“I think it will look great on you.”
 She gave Freya the present. It was the pink earring from the Boutique! Freya was ecstatic.
“I wanted this for so long!” she said.

Freya told her mother about her trip to the Boutique.
“I was nervous to go inside the shop at first, but it was so wonderful!”
Freya's mother smiled.
“Come to think of it, it’s the Walnut Squirrel family’s party soon, isn’t it? Let’s go to the Boutique again and buy dresses to match the earring.”

Freya and her mother put on their jewelry and drove to the boutique in their convertible.
“Hello again!” said Cecilia, smiling.
She picked out a few lovely dresses for Freya and her mother to try on.
“Wow!” said Freya as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror.
“It’s more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed!”
“These would look nice with your dresses, don’t you think?”
suggested Cecilia, as she brought out two purses in different colors.

Freya and her mother put the purses over their shoulders. Freya’s purse matched her dress perfectly.
“I look like a princess!”
said Freya delightedly, twirling around.
And so Cecilia made the Calico women and girls’ dreams come true with her wonderful boutique.



Photographs are arranged specially to depict the characters in the stories.

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