Lakeside Lodge

Shooting Stars

The Hopscotch Rabbit, Hazelnut Chipmunk, and Silk Cat families have come to stay at the Lakeside Lodge.
The children play all day in the lake and barbecue delicious food for dinner at night.

When they climb into their hammocks at night, they have so much fun that the last thing they want to do is sleep.
Late one night, Hopscotch Rabbit Bell, Hazelnut Chipmunk Dominic, and Silk Cat Susie go out onto the balcony and look up at the sky. Stars are spread across the whole sky.
Just then they see a huge shooting star come falling toward the lake.

“I‘ve never seen a shooting star that big,” says Dominic. “Tomorrow let‘s go and try to find where it fell.” The next morning the three walk to where they think the shooting star came down.
“It came down around here,” says Dominic.
Just for fun, they search around, and look behind a small rock. There they find a surprise.
Behind the rock is a pile of glittering seashells. “They‘re beautiful! Just like little pieces of a star” says Dominic.
“Look at all of them! It‘s amazing! Maybe the shooting star was showing us the way to this treasure” says Susie.

Bell is surprising very quiet. She knows that she picked up those seashells the day before. She was swimming and found them and put them behind that rock. But Dominic and Susie are so excited that she doesn‘t have the heart to tell them.
So she just watches as Dominic and Susie happily fill their pockets with the shells and wrap them up in their handkerchiefs.

When the three of them get back to the Lakeside Lodge they see Chipmunk baby Luke, Hopscotch baby Grace, and Silk Cat baby Faith.
“We‘ve got something to show you,” Dominic and Susie tell the babies. They tell them all about how they found the seashells.
The babies get very excited. “Treasure! We want treasure!”
“Watch for a shooting star tonight,” Dominic and Susie tell them.
“Now what? There aren‘t any more shells there,” thinks Bell.
“The babies are going to be very disappointed.”
She sneaks out by the lake, finds more shells, and piles them behind the rock.
“You all go to sleep and I‘ll watch for shooting stars” Bell tells the babies that night.

The next morning when the babies wake up, Bell says, “A shooting star fell last night,” and takes them out by the lake.
“Was it around here? Or maybe over there?”
Bell begins searching among the rocks.
“We‘ll look, too!” say the babies happily.
Soon Chipmunk baby Luke finds the shells behind the same rock.
“Look! Lots of treasure!” he says.
Hopscotch baby Grace and Silk Cat baby Faith gather round. They are all very happy.

Watching them, Bell smiles happily. “That shooting star really did bring so many gifts.”
The shells Bell spent so much time gathering becomes souvenirs of their vacation.
The story spreads around the town, and soon all the children say,
“When you see a shooting star by the Lakeside Lodge, follow the star to find a hidden treasure.”



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