Oakwood Home

How the Silk Cats Got Their House

The Silk Cat Family had a warm welcome when they moved into the village. They needed a house, so everyone set right to work.

Holly the Silk Cat Mother designed the house. She loves stylish inTerior design. She keeps a notebook in which she puts down all her design ideas. And she had always dreamed of designing a beautiful house to go with the scenery of Calico Critters Village.

“I want the perfect house for Calico Critters Village,” she thought.
“One that will make everyone happy.”
And she set to work on the designs for the new house.
“That’s a house I want to see!”
everyone thought when she showed them her notebook.

“We should give the Silk Cat Family presents to suit a fine house like that,”
they said, looking forward to seeing the new house.
“How about a stylish new sofa like the one Holly drew in her notebook?”
said the Milk Rabbit Father, and decided to make them a sofa for two to sit in.

“I hope they’ll come to love Calico Critters Village in a nice, comfortable house,”
thought the Milk Rabbit Father, who is a very good carpenter. He made them a lovely sofa, and the Milk Rabbit Mother made a pretty cover for it. When the Silk Cat Family heard they were getting a sofa as a present, they were very happy.

The Walnut Squirrel Family decided on a dining-room table and chairs as their present. Just like the Milk Rabbit Family, they thought Holly’s design was the best idea.

In the same way, the Chihuahua Family gave them a chest-of-drawers, and the Bear Father gave them a huge flower vase he found at the Forest Market. They also got beds, desks, and bookshelves. Almost all the presents were furniture or ornaments.

“Thank you!” said all the Silk Cats. They were very happy, but there was one little problem. Now they had too much furniture for a 2-story house! Even the nicest house is hard to live in if it’s crowded with furniture. And they had already built the first two floors, so they couldn’t make those any bigger.

“Now what do we do?”
Deep in thought, Fred the Silk Cat Father and Holly looked at the blueprints for the house.
“Let’s just make a 3-story house,” said Toby the Silk Cat Boy, without really thinking about it.
“Good idea!” said Fred and Holly right away.
And that’s how the Silk Cat Family came to live in a wonderful 3-story house.

When it was finally built, they invited everyone in the village to a house-warming party. When everyone arrived for the party, they all looked up at the 3-story house.
“What a fine house this is,”
they said. With its pretty red roof and gentle beige wood-and-brick walls, it fit perfectly with the forest around it.

The large windows on the bottom floor were the latest in style. With a “beep, beep”, up pulled the Chocolate Rabbit Family’s car.
“Park beside the house, all right?”
Of course a fine house like this has a place for guests to park their car.

“Please come in,” said Fred. Inside the house, the furniture everyone had given them was all set out in exactly the right places. A cool breeze came in through the large windows.

“This is a lovely house,” said the mothers.
“It’s very relaxing here.”
“Are the rooms ever big!” said the children.
Right away they climbed up to the top floor.
“We put lots of windows on the top floor so you can always see beautiful scenery. Looking out the windows with all your furniture around us makes us very happy. Thank you very much!”

“We’re really happy we’ve come to live in such a wonderful village with such wonderful friends. Come over any time and visit,” said the Silk Cats.
“We sure will!” said all the villagers. And the wonderful 3-story house echoed with happy voices.



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