Luxury Townhome

Party at the Luxury Townhome

Hopscotch Rabbit Bell has won first prize at the Berry Grove School art contest.

“Congratulations, Bell!” says Hazelnut Chipmunk Dominic.
He is very happy for her and wants to do something special for her.

“I know!” he says.
“Let’s have a party at my house to celebrate!”

Bell is always throwing fun parties for her friends, so Dominic would also like this party to be a way of saying thank you to her.
He decides to make different things she will like and put them all around his house.

“When she comes in, we’ll have a light shine on her,” says Dominic.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if flower petals floated down on her?” says Silk Cat Susie.
“How about having the cake plate move across the table until it is right in front of her?” says Milk Rabbit Oliver.
And the children continued to keep coming up with more ideas.

Then they all go to work moving the furniture and setting everything up. When everything is ready, it’s time for a test run.

“When Bell comes through this door, the light will shine on her,” says Susie, but when she opens the door, nothing happens.
Then they wait for petals to start floating from the ceiling, but a lot of flowers just fall suddenly instead. The cake plate is supposed to move slowly across the table, but it moves too fast and the cake flies off the plate straight onto Milk Rabbit Rebecca.

Suddenly a light turns on in the corner of the room. It’s Sunshine Bear Brian stuffing candy into his mouth.
“Nothing works!” says Dominic.
Bell stops by and notices that everyone is upset.

“I heard that everyone’s planning a party,” Bell says.
“Can I help?”
“No, no, we’re fine!”
“We can do it by ourselves.” says Dominic quickly.
He doesn’t want Bell to work on her on surprise party.
“Well, all right, then,” says Bell, and walks away looking very sad.

“Oh, I wish I hadn’t said that,” thinks Dominic.
“Bell’s going to think she’s being left out, and she might not want to come to the party. What can I do to make her happy now?”
He thinks hard, and soon he has another idea. He gets everyone to help, and they gather lamps from all over the town.

On the evening of the big day, it’s time for the party to begin. But just as Dominic had feared, Bell doesn’t want to go to the party. Susie goes to get Bell, and when Bell opens the door she gets a big surprise!

There is a row of bright lights all down her street. Dominic and his friends have lined up all the lamps they collected along the road.

“That’s so beautiful!” says Bell.
Bell and Susie follow the line of lamps. It leads to Dominic’s house, which is also lit up in lights.
“I’ve never been led anywhere so nicely before,” says Bell happily.

As soon as Bell opens the door, all the lights turn off. Then a spot light shines on Bell.
“Congratulations!” everybody says. Bell is surprised.
The lights turn on, and petals begin floating down. On the balcony Bell sees all of her friends smiling and waving. On the table a plate starts to move. On it is a big cake with a picture of Bell on it. This time all the things Dominic and his friends planned worked perfectly.

“I’m sorry about the other day,” Dominic says to Bell.
“We wanted to plan your party without you knowing.”
“This is wonderful!” Bell says. “Thank you all!”
And so the party begins at the Luxury Townhome.



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