Cozy Cottage

Cottage Museum

One day the Chocolate Rabbit Family go for a drive to watch the beautiful scenery of Calico Village.

They visit the pond, garden, and parks all around the town.
For the last stop on the drive, the family stops at the first cottage ever built in Calico Village.

Inside the cottage museum you will even find old tools and furniture that are carefully preserved.

While Chocolate Rabbit Father Frasier and the others are outside looking at the scenery, Chocolate Rabbits Freya and Coco climb up to the attic.
“I wonder if children in the old days played hide ’n seek in this attic,” says Coco.
Over in a corner, they see some names carved into the wall.
“I guess children in the old days used to write on the walls, too,” says Freya.
Just for fun, the two children carve their names into the wall as well. They just mean it as a little joke.

The next day at school Freya tells her friends about the cottage museum.
“Yesterday we went for a drive and stopped at the museum,” Freya says to her friend Bear Andromeda.
“They say the people who built that house carved their names into the wall in the attic. It’s very important,”says Andromeda.
Hearing this, Freya is worried and quickly tells her brother Coco.

All day at school, all they can do is worry. They just keep thinking that they ruined something important.

“You two don’t look very happy,”
their father and mother say. “What’s the matter?”
But the two children aren’t brave enough to say.
They don’t feel like playing with their friends, and for the next hour they stay in their rooms.
Suddenly their father and mother say,“Let’s go for a drive.”
While Freya and Coco are in the car, they look at the beautiful scenery, and begin to relax a little.

Seeing the places in the town they love, they think of their friends, and little by little start to feel like telling their parents what is bothering them.
Suddenly the two pour out the story of carving their names on the wall of the cottage museum.

Father listens quietly.
“All right,” he says gently.
“We’ll all go over to the Mayor’s house and apologize.”
Mother agrees.
“Thank you, Dad! Thank you, Mom!”
Freya and Coco smile at last, and the car turns toward the Mayor’s house. They are, however, nervous about telling the Mayor.

When they reach the Bear Family house, Freya and Coco are almost in tears.
“We’re really sorry, Mr. Petite!”
“At the cottage museum, we...”
They tell him the whole story.
Mr. Petite, however, roars with laughter.
“I’m sorry for laughing,” he explains happily.

“It’s good that you came and told me, but you don’t have to worry about it. That’s not an important exhibit. To tell you the truth, I scratched my name on that wall when I was a boy. I just made up that story to tell my children. That makes us partners in crime, doesn’t it? So we’ll just let it be our secret.”
Relieved, the entire Chocolate Rabbit family breaks out laughing.

“But I don’t want you getting into any more trouble,” says Mr. Petite. “We won’t,” says Freya and Coco. The children are sorry about what they’ve done, but they’re also quietly happy to be part of a super secret.



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