Red Roof Series

The popular house has a new design!

We are introducing two brand new houses! The Red Roof Cozy Cottage is best suited for those new to Calico Critters, and the Red Roof Country Home is a larger, two-story house with four rooms!

  • Red Roof Country Home Series1
  • Red Roof Country Home Series2

You can connect the two houses!

Create the Red Roof Grand Mansion, the largest house in Calico Village, by connecting these two houses. Change the design of the Mansion by rearranging the format of the rooms and roof.
There are so many ways to connect the houses, and then decorate with furniture!

  • You can connect the two houses!1
  • You can connect the two houses!2
  • You can connect the two houses!3

This is one way of connecting Red Roof Country Home that was released in June, 2017 and Red Roof Cozy Cottage. Check here to learn about all the ways to connect the Cozy Cottage to the Red Roof Country Home.

Red Roof Cozy Cottage

  • Red Roof Cozy Cottage1
  • Red Roof Cozy Cottage2
  • Red Roof Cozy Cottage3
  • Red Roof Cozy Cottage4
  • Red Roof Cozy Cottage5

This house is an ideal starter home for beginners. It includes a house, Chocolate Rabbit Girl, and three pieces of furniture and accessories!

The floor panel of the second floor is movable, and you can create a spacious play area by using the panel as an additional floorboard on the first floor.

As the staircase can stand on its own, you can put it anywhere you like. There are also shutters that can be opened and closed over a window.

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Red Roof Country Home

  • Red Roof Country Home1
  • Red Roof Country Home2
  • Red Roof Country Home3
  • Red Roof Country Home4
  • Red Roof Country Home5
  • Red Roof Country Home6
  • Red Roof Country Home7

This house features the iconic red roof and bright walls, with three interior working lights!

This house opens up to either 90-degree or 180-degree to create more play space.

You can remove the room of the second floor on the left side of the house and the roof of the right side of the house. Stack the detached room over the second floor where the roof is taken off to create a three-story house.
When the house is closed up, you can enjoy the beautiful light pouring out from its windows.

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