Calico Critters

To Calico Critters fans

We’re so happy that you enjoy Calico Critters products and the stories and world of the Calico Critters characters.

It’s been 35 years since Calico Critters were first released in North America, and the series is now loved by people in over 70 countries around the world, with an appeal that knows no boundaries between age or gender.

The names of some Calico Critters characters will be changed in fall 2022. At the moment, some of the names that are used in North America are different from those used in the rest of world. When Calico Critters fans grow older and meet people from other countries, we want them to be able to reminisce together about the fun they had with these toys as children, and they are more likely to recognize that common ground if our characters have the same name in every country.

For this reason, we are changing Bell’s name to Freya and Dominic’s name to Ralph. But these characters will still be the Calico Critters who you—and the other villagers—know and love!

Click below icons to check Calico Critter friends names !

Chocolate Rabbit Family

Chocolate Rabbit Family

FatherFrasier Chocolate

MotherTeri Chocolate

Older SisterStella Chocolate

BoyCoco Chocolate

GirlFreya Chocolate

BabyCrème Chocolate

Twin Babies(Boy/yellow)
Kabe Chocolate

Twin Babies(Girl/pink)
Breeze Chocolate

Phillip Chocolate

Flora Chocolate

Fauna Chocolate

GrandfatherRhys Chocolate

GrandmotherPatricia Chocolate

Walnut Squirrel Family

Walnut Squirrel Family

FatherCedric Walnut

MotherYardley Walnut

BoyRalph Walnut

GirlSaffron Walnut

BabyAmbrose Walnut

Twin Babies(Boy/yellow)
Alfie Walnut

Twin Babies(Girl/pink)
Alyssa Walnut

Milk Rabbit Family

Milk Rabbit

FatherAlex Periwinkle

MotherKate Periwinkle

Older SisterCatherine Periwinkle

BoyOliver Periwinkle

GirlRebecca Periwinkle

Baby(Boy/blue)Henry Periwinkle

Twin Babies(Boy/green)
Jamie Periwinkle

Twin Babies(Girl/pink)
Heather Periwinlke

Isla Periwinlke

Iris Periwinlke

Owen Periwinlke

Bear Family


FatherPatrick Petite

MotherMargaret Petite

BoyPiers Petite

GirlAndromeda Petite

BabyJason Petite

Twin Babies(Boy/blue)
Freddie Petite

Twin Babies(Girl/pink)
Halley Petite

Hedgehog Family


FatherMortimer Bramble

MotherEleanor Bramble

BoyMaxwell Bramble

GirlAbigail Bramble

BabyBilberry Bramble

Twin Babies(Boy/yellow)
Honey Bramble

Twin Babies(Girl/pink)
Hazel Bramble